Drew Gilmore

Drew Gilmore is a top selling agent with boutique firm Chartwell Realty. He specializes in urban Kansas City residential real estate. Drew started his career more than a decade ago rehabbing century old homes. His passion for preserving historic houses led him into residential real estate sales. Today, he helps homeowners move their real estate efficiently and economically. 

Drew is the co-founder of the 7 Day Homes Tour, an urban real estate experiment, which disrupted the Kansas City real estate market and helped homeowners re-think the process of selling a house.

Unlike many real estate brokerage and Realtor choices in Kansas City, Chartwell Realty and Drew Gilmore Homes pride themselves on being homegrown companies. Both were founded in Kansas City and all profits stay in Kansas City, instead of big box corporate brokerage companies or multi-national corporations. This is part of the DGH mission — to operate small and to support other small businesses thriving in Kansas City.

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Top 15 Kansas City Real Estate Agents on Social Media
— by Property spark, January 2018


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